Dissertation Coaching

Our dissertation coaching can get you from ABD to PhD or EdD!

After years and years of structured classes and assigned work, you may view the final master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation like an impending cliff. Your own original topic, your own research design, your own research, more writing than you’ve ever done in your life… and nothing stopping you from putting it all off for another day.

Even after graduation, procrastination can be a problem. As a postdoctoral fellow, you need to get articles submitted for publication, turn your dissertation into a book, and get a job! As a junior faculty member, you need to finish and publish articles while teaching classes, advising students, and serving your department. Even if you are tenured, you must maintain and fund an active research agenda. All of this takes time, and the actual writing remains easy to delay.

The only way to finish is to keep moving forward, confidently, relentlessly, on a schedule that lets you reach your dreams. You have made it this far, and you can finish the journey!

We can help.

How Dissertation Coaching works

With coaching, we help you develop a work schedule and hold you accountable. We offer you advice on research design and dissertation structure, based on the requirements of your school and program. We encourage you and answer questions in an environment that is free of judgment or evaluation. After your work is written, we can also edit your manuscript before you present it.

We have found that a system that works well for many people is to have regular appointments to go over your progress, every 2 weeks. You send us anywhere from 5 to 20 pages of material the night before an appointment. We spend a half-hour reviewing the content and return it to you with comments and light edits. Then we have a half-hour interactive discussion on Zoom or Skype to discuss your progress and set a plan for the next appointment. Before long, you will be ready for your defense or publication submission! Each of these 1-hour sessions of review & discussion costs only $40 if you buy a package of 6 sessions.

Email tom@rampartprosolutions.com so we can schedule a free introductory session with you via Zoom or Skype. During that meeting, we can get to know you, establish a plan to help you reach your goals, tailor a coaching schedule to suit your needs, and help you succeed!

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