Copy Editing: APA & Other Styles

Do you need an APA copy editor?  Yes!

Clear, error-free work will improve how your manuscript is received by its audience.  This holds true whether you are submitting a dissertation, conference paper, journal article, book manuscript, or grant proposal. Therefore, copy editing is always appropriate as the final review before sending the document to your advisor or publisher.

What We Do as Your APA Copy Editor

As your APA copy editor, we will review your manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuation, verb tense, word choice, sentence structure, and style. We will return it to you marked up using the track changes function so you can see what we recommend. You may either accept our suggestions or retain your own version. This ensures that you know what is being changed, and also gives you the chance to improve your writing by reviewing and understanding each change.

For a small additional fee, we can also verify that your references meet style guidelines and cross-check in-text citations or footnotes with the bibliography. This review does not include verifying the source or researching missing information.

While we work most often as an APA copy editor, we also edit to other guidelines, including Chicago, Harvard, and a “generic” American style.  We often work with authors for whom English is not their original language.

Copy editing does not address deeper issues with overall structure, repetitiveness, conceptual confusion, methodology, plagiarism, or sufficiency of arguments. Such issues are best addressed through our interactive coaching service. For professionals – but not for students – we can also do deep revisions at our $50/hour consulting rate. Examples of this might include shrinking a grant application or article to meet a word count limit. We reserve the right to decline any project on the grounds that it is not ready for copy editing.

How Copy Editing Works

To begin, email us with your deadline, approximate word count, and when we could expect to begin the work. Careful editing takes a significant amount of time.  A week is usually the minimum for a large project. When we receive your manuscript and style guidelines, we will verify the word count, confirm our ability to meet your deadline, and set the price. Once you pre-pay, we will begin the work.

We charge $5 per 250-word page, excluding references and footnotes. This works out to $0.020 per word.  If you want us to review references, we charge $6 per 250-word page, including the text in the notes and bibliography. This works out to $0.024 per word.  Except in special circumstances, we charge a minimum of $50 for any project.

Please contact us at or before you submit work for editing.

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